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Ultrasonic weld inspection with synthetic aperture focussing techniques -SAFT-

: Müller, W.; Schmitz, V.

Weld Quality. The Role of Computers
Oxford: Pergamon Press, 1988
International Conference on Improved Weldment Control with Special Reference to Computer Technology <1988, Wien>
Fraunhofer IZFP ()
cladding; imaging; lateral resolution; pulse echo; reconstruction; skip; ultrasonic; weld inspection; weld seam

SAFT was originally developed by the University of Michigan. The work was continued by Southwest Research Institute and Batelle Pacific Northwest Laboratory. The method was adapted by IzfP and with a new hard- and software design experiences could be gathered since 1981. SAFT has been applied on components like pressure vessel, tube sheet plate, turbines, within international round robin programmes at PISC II-components, CCSS-testblocks or at the large scale vessel at Stuttgart. Because of the B-scan image representation size, shape, depth extension and orientation can be measured. The lateral resolution over the total inspection range is one wavelength or using contact technique probes of 1/3 probe size diameter. (IZFP)