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Analog module generators for effective design assistance.


Pfleiderer, H.-J.:
ESSCIRC '94. 20th European Solid State Circuits Conference. Proceedings
Gif-sur-Yvette: Editions Frontieres, 1994
ISBN: 2-86332-160-9
European Solid State Circuits Conference <20, 1994, Ulm>
Fraunhofer IMS ()
analog circuit design; Entwurf; integrierte Analogschaltung; layout; layout generator; module generator; rechnerunterstützter Schaltungsentwurf

A set of analog device and macro module generators has been implemented in the GDT environment. The generators are technology and design rules independent and can assist effectively design of analog circuits in BiCMOS and I²L technologies. The design flow starts with a hierarchical schematic, generates automatically all components needed, and performs analog routing followed by a postprocessing. Design of a VCO circuit will be demonstrated as an example.