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Ueberlastsicherung fuer mechanische Pressen

Overload-fuse device for power path of mechanical press - has radially inwardly releasably supported slide wedge device for transmission of press force between base plate and axially supported wedge pressure plate.
: Schmidt, U.; Herold, K.; Schuetz, H.G.

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DE 1996-19615926 A: 19960422
DE 1996-19615926 A: 19960422
DE 19615926 C1: 19970717
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The slide wedge device has at least one pair if opposingly movable slide wedge components (14), which by means of tension devices (16) are tensioned radially inwards, locating on the base plate (20) and the wedge pressure plate (12). The tension on the slide wedge components can be invalidated with little delay, and is adjustable. The wedge pressure plate may have one or more wedge surfaces with a wedge angle corresponding to that of the slide wedge components. The wedge pressure plate can be axially slidably movably accommodated in a housing (18) with an axial end stop for it. ADVANTAGE - With technically simple means, a secure press power transmission is made possible and the arrangement also offers a rapidly and easily releasable overload protection.