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Type of testing accreditation from the point of view of an application-oriented scientific institute

: Kraus, S.; Brinette, R.

Estorff, U. von ; European Commission; International Atomic Energy Agency -IAEA-, Wien; Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development -OECD-:
NDE techniques capability demonstration and inspection qualification. Proceedings of the joint EC OECD IAEA specialists meeting
Luxembourg: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, 1997 (EUR 15678)
ISBN: 92-828-0735-5
International Specialists Meeting on NDE Techniques Capability Demonstration and Inspection Qualification <1997, Petten>
Fraunhofer IZFP ()

Usually, the performance of nondestructive testing with self developed methods is not yet standardized. In order to avoid performance demonstrations for each single case, type of testing accreditation according to the european standard DIN EN 45 001 helps applying the methods. At Fraunhofer Institut this type of accreditation is reached for the Application Center. There the IZFP developed methods are offered for the solution of clients testing problems. The validation procedure is part of the written procedures of this Center. With respect to nuclear industry the ENIQ recommendations for the characterisation of the test methods fit completly to the validation steps.