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Transparente Wärmedämmung. Materialien, Systemtechnik und Anwendung

: Braun, P.O.; Schmid, J.; Voss, K.

Bauphysik 13 (1991), Nr.6, S.217-224
ISSN: 0171-5445
Fraunhofer ISE ()
demonstration project; Demonstrationsprojekt; low energy architecture; Niedrigenergiearchitektur; solar energy use; Solarenergienutzung; transparent insulation; transparente Wärmedämmung

The best currently available transparent insulation materials (TIM) are characterised by a diffuse radiation transmission value of around 75 % and a thermal conductivity value below 1 W/(qmK). As an additional transparent cover (glass, special plaster) is needed for potection against the weather in outdoor applications, the radiation transmission decreases. However, the U-value is simultaneously improved by resulting airgaps and devices for temporary thermal insulation (mechanical blinds, etc.). In a series of demonstration projects, the first TIM facade systems were tested in operation and their functionality was confirmed. The shading devices guaranteed thermal comfort in summer but improvements are necessary for higher reliability for particular application conditions. By using TIM, together with conventional measures, in the renovation of an existing building in Freiburg, a specific heating energy consumption of 43 kWh/(qma) was achieved, a reduction of about 80 % relative to the o riginal consumption of the building. The "self- sufficient solar house" in Freiburg, which is being built at present, will demonstrate that with TIM and the latest technology for energy saving and solar energy use, a residential building can meet all its energy needs by the solar radiation incident on its outer surfaces.