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Transparente Waermeschutzfolie und Verfahren zu deren Herstellung

Transparent heat protective foil - consisting of plastic foil and selectively reflecting alternating layer system on abrasion protective layer.
: Schiller, S.; Neumann, M.; Milde, F.; Kirchhoff, V.

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DE 1995-19537263 A: 19951006
DE 1995-19537263 A: 19951006
EP 1996-943863 AW: 19961002
DE 19537263 C2: 19980226
EP 853685 B1: 19990707
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Transparent heat protective foil consists of a plastic foil and a selectively reflecting alternating layer system on an abrasion protective layer. The novelty is that the layer system consists of corrosion-resistant metal, oxide, nitride and/or oxynitride layers and the abrasion protective layer consists of at least 1 (pref. 2-5) mu m thick, highly transparent and homogeneous amorphous oxide layer having a high packing density on a microhardness of at least 4 (pref. 5-10) GPa. Production of a transparent heat protective foil is also claimed. USE - The foil can be applied to outside surfaces of car and building windows. ADVANTAGE - The foil has high service life.