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Transparente Waermedaemmung

Transparent heat damping material - has thin blades or membranes at angle to the glass pane and rear wall.
: Wirth, H.

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DE 1995-19509545 A: 19950316
DE 1995-19509545 A: 19950316
DE 19509545 C2: 19970220
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The transparent heat insulation, between a glass pane and frame, and a rear wall, is of blades and membranes with a thickness of less than 1 mum, applied to the glass pane at an angle of less than or more than 90 deg.. Also claimed is the mfg. process where the membranes are of a polymer soln. floating in series or parallel on a carrier fluid, using a tenside system for the polymer and carrier fluid. USE - In insulating windows, sunlight collectors or transparent facades etc. ADVANTAGE - Improved heat damping and transmission.