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Transparent insulation materials - new perspectives for solar energy applications

: Wittwer, V.

Broman, L. ; Swedish Council for Building Research, Stockholm:
North Sun '88. Solar energy at high latitudes. Proceedings
Stockholm, 1989
ISBN: 91-540-4973-3
North Sun <3, 1988, Borlänge>
Fraunhofer ISE ()
heat loss coefficient; house heating; integrated storage collectors; long-term storage; process heat; transmittance; transparent insulation material

Transparent and translucent insulation materials (TIM's) represent a new class of materials with a high potential for increasing the efficiency of solar thermal conversion systems. A large number of materials has been subjected to theoretical and experimental investigation. The application of TIM range from windows, industrial glazings, high temperature collectors, integrated storage collectors and seasonal storage to transparently insulated buildings.