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Transferring Established Technologies for a Clean Production

: Schüle, A.; Kaufmann, T.

Association for Laboratory Automation:
LabAutomation '99. Abstracts
San Diego, Calif.: Association for Laboratory Automation, 1999
LabAutomation <1999, San Diego/Calif.>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Fertigung; Halbleiter; Laborautomatisierung; Reine Produktion; semiconductor manufacturing; Technologievermittlung

Because product quality requirements are permanently on the increase, more and more areas within industry need particularly clean conditions specially adapted to their product in order to manufacture their goods. Looking at a laboratory analysis process in terms of a production process the scrap product will be an unclear or even false analysis result. This will be mostly caused by contamination of the product in ways of wrong operator behavior or wrong material flow etc. Clean production methods which help reducing the above mentioned problems are already established in other industries. Such an industry which already does produce under very strict cleanliness conditions and which therefore also has a high degree of automated processes in its production is especially the Semiconductor Industry. The Fraunhofer Department for Clean Production has a wide knowledge of technologies which are necessary for a high reproducibility of quality concerning contamination of the product. Such estab lished technologies vary from the development of object-oriented software for highly flexible process controlling, simulation of production processes in order to find optimal material flow to the planning, development and realization of production tools. The presented poster will show a variety of ways to find optimal solutions for automation in laboratories without inventing the wheel a second time. Established planning tools and software philosophies which are already available can be easily transferred to the needs of laboratory processes. This will help finding cost efficient and adapted solutions for the specific needs laboratories. (Volltext).