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Tracing images in large databases by comparison of digital fingerprints

: Volmer, S.

Knowledge Systems Institute Graduate School -KSI-, Skokie/Ill.:
Visual Information Systems '97. Proceedings
Skokie, Ill.: KSI, 1997
ISBN: 0-9641699-8-3
International Conference on Visual Information Systems <2, 1997, San Diego/Calif.>
Fraunhofer IGD ()
content-based image retrieval; Content-based Retrieval; image database; Multiresolution Analysis; visual information management; Wavelets

This paper presents an algorithm that extracts the pictorial information of an image into a very compact wavelet fingerprint while conserving the most significant global and local visual characteristics of the image. A query algorithm is described that compares a fingerprint of a query image with all potential target fingerprints from a small remote database in terms of their similarity. The similarity measure itself is based on a multiresolution representation of the fingerprints attempting to siumulate the human ability to abstract information at different levels of detail. The robustness of this technique allows query specifications with a significant amount of distortions (e.g. sketches). The remarkable speed of the query algorithm allows progressive query refinements even for large databases (up to 100.000 images) on commodity platforms. Empirical as well as analytical query results are given.