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Towards a representation scheme for feature-based parametric assembly modelling

: Brunetti, G.; Scharr, J.; Mueller, U.

Roller, D.:
Mechatronics/Automative Electronics. Vol. 1
Croydon, England: Automative Automotive Ltd., 1997 (30th International Symposium on Automotive Technology and Automation 1997)
ISBN: 0-947719-87-3
International Symposium on Automotive Technology and Automation (ISATA) <30, 1997, Florenz>
Fraunhofer IGD ()
Assembly Modeling; feature based parametric modelling; Parametric assembly feature representation

Feature-based parametric assembly modelling (FbPAM) is an approach to assembly modelling in CAD/CAM that integrates the advantages of features-based modelling and parametric modelling. The realization of FbPAM systems requires an appropriate representation scheme. Here, a parametric assembly feature representation (PAFRep) is introduced that incorporates the application data of a feature-based model with the generic data of a parametric model. The PAFRep represents explicitly assemblies and assembly relationsships between parts as well as design or manufactoring features and their relationships. Application specific data is mapped to generic form entities and to geometric and non-geometric parameters and constraints.