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Tolerance compensation module
: Wuertz, G.; Stoeffler, D.; Keppler, M.

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DE 1990-4004021 A1: 19900209
DE 1991-4103907 A: 19910209
DE 4103907 C2: 19931104
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The description refers to a tolerance compensation module having a basic part attached to an actuator which performs the jointing process, adjacent to which is a receiving element in a movable bearing to receive the jointing part having a spherical segment surface belonging to a ball whose centre point is in the front end face of the joint part. The tolerance compensation module according to the invention is characterized by the spherical segment surface for the compensation of both lateral and also angular offset being adjacent to a flat force transfer surface provided on the basic part, running about perpendicular to the joint direction, and the receiving element is prestressed by coupling elements supported on the basic part both in parallel to the force transfer surface in the direction of the basic position as well as in the perpendicular direction to the force transfer surface.