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Tischflaechenvergroesserung fuer Bueroarbeitsplaetze

Extension piece for work station - has extension work-top fitted to front edge of work-top with clamping without encroaching on leg-room.
: Kern, P.; Bauer, W.; Stimpfig, E.

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DE 1996-19641658 A: 19961009
DE 1996-19641658 A: 19961009
DE 19641658 C2: 19991014
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The front edge of the work-top (1) for the work station is fitted with an extension panel (2) which is secured to edge using flush fittings which do not extend out of the plane of the work-top. A variety of fixtures and fasteners can be used with the underside of the join covered by a trim panel (15). The extension panel is selected for shape and size to suit the particular user. Simple fasteners include fastener types used in knock-down furniture fittings, which are secured by threaded fasteners. The extension can be removed or replaced as required. USE - Computer work stations. ADVANTAGE - Extension to work-top assists in customising work stations without encroaching on leg-room.