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Time-resolved spectroscopy of laser induced plasma from BaTiO3

: Mertin, M.; Offenberg, D.; Wesner, D.A.; Kreutz, E.W.

Acta optica sinica 16 (1996), Nr.4, S.416-419
ISSN: 0253-2239
Fraunhofer ILT ()
laser induced plasma; spatial length; time-resolved spectrum

The time-resolved luminescence spectra of laser induced plasma from BaTiO3 were studied with a optical rnultichannel analyzer (OMA III). The time of-flight spectra of' various particles, by which the concentration distribution of the responded particles was represented, were built by the emissive intensity of the same particles at different time. The spatial length of the ejected pulsed particle beam (i. e. plasma) was evaluated by the time-of-flight spectra, and the dependance of its dimension on the partial pressure of' the buffer gas was deduced. Furthermore , a optimum partial pressure range of buffer gas for laser deposition of oxides films with multielernent was suggested, and the necessity of about 30 Pa oxygen partial pressure during laser deposition of high Te superconducting films is explained.