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Three-coordinate measurement of an object surface with a combined two-wavelength and two-source phase-shifting speckle interferometer

Dreikoordinatenmessung einer Objektoberfläche mit einem kombinierten Zweiwellenlängen- und Zweiquellen-Phasenschiebe-Speckleinfernometer
: Maack, T.; Notni, G.; Schreiber, W.


Optics communications 115 (1995), S.576-584
ISSN: 0030-4018
Fraunhofer IOF ()
3D-Koordinatenmessung; Hohlraum; hollow space; Interferometrie; interferometry; speckle; three-coordinate measurement; two-wavelength interferometry; Zweiwellenlängen-Interferometrie

In a two-wavelength phase-shifting speckle interferometer for object contouring one usually obtains only the height co-ordinate of the object surface which is parallel to the viewing direction (here denoted as z- co-ordinate). In order to measure the lateral surface co-ordinates x and y by the same technique the light source is shifted in two directions (denoted as u and v) perpendicular to the optical axis. Two additional phase maps of parallel fringes are generated which are then used to assign the lateral co-ordinates x and y to the corresponding pixels of the camera. All the other advantages of two-wavelength interferometry remain unaffected.