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Thermooptischer variabler Polymerwerkstoff und seine Anwendung

Thermoplastic variable polymer material and its application
: Meinhardt, S.; Schoenfeld, U.; Goedeke, H.

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DE 1994-4433090 A: 19940916
DE 1994-4433090 A: 19940916
DE 4433090 A1: 19960321
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The invention relates to a thermo-optical polymer material, containing at least one matrix ploymer A, which includes at least one monomer compound which cannot be mixed with the matrix polymer and whose structure can be influenced by temperature change, and that the matrix polymer A and the monomer compound B are selected so that their refractive indices are approximately equal in the temperature range below the temperature decisive for changing the structure up to the temperature of the structure change of the monomer compound B, and thus the polymer material is translucent or transparent in this temperature range and the structure change is followed by opacity (shading) as a result of the different refractive indices.