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Thermisch isolierendes Bauelement

Thermal insulation for construction joints - comprises insulation body at least partially of material which resists push and pull forces.
: Froehlich, K.; Plenzig, S.; Sedlbauer, K.; Hoffmann, J.; Koenig, N.; Wichtler, A.

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DE 1997-19711813 A: 19970321
DE 1997-19711813 A: 19970321
DE 19711813 C2: 20000309
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The thermal insulation, for insertion into the joints (3) of load-bearing brickwork, is an insulation body (4) at least partially of an insulation material which can resist push and pull forces. The body can be of single or compound materials, in layers and/or sections using brick materials, sintered materials, calcium silicate or hard foam. The insulation body can be a hollow profile of a fibre-reinforced material, especially a plastics containing glass or carbon fibres. The interior of the hollow body can be filled with an insulation such as a hard foam, polystyrene, and the like. USE - The insulation body is for structural joints, such as between the wall of a building and a balcony platform. ADVANTAGE - The insulation body can be prefabricated, and inserted into the mould before the concrete is poured.