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Thermal shock behavior of boron nitride/boron carbide composite ceramics

Thermoschock-Verhalten von Bornitrid/Borkarbid-Verbundkeramik
: Pompe, W.; Bahr, H.-A.; Kirchhoff, G.; Holzherr, M.; Ruh, R.; Zangvil, A.

Singh, J.P. ; American Ceramic Society -ACerS-, Westerville/Ohio:
Advances in Ceramic-Matrix-Composites II. Proceedings of the Ceramic-Matrix Composites Symposium
Westerville, Ohio: American Ceramic Society, 1995 (Ceramic Transactions 46)
ISBN: 0-944904-80-7
S.657-671 : Abb.,Lit.
Ceramic-Matrix Composites Symposium <1994, Indianapolis/Ind.>
Fraunhofer IWS ()
Borkarbid; Bornitrid; boron carbide; boron nitride; ceramic; figure of merit; Keramik; laser irradiation; Laserbestrahlung; thermal shock; Thermoschock; Thermoschock-Gütewert

The thermal shock behaviour of hot-pressed B4C-BN composites was investigated. A computer controlled laser beam was used to produce sharp, axissymmetric temperature profiles in thin circular disks, and the time-dependent temperature profile was measured by a high speed pyrometer. Experimentally, as the BN was added to B 4 C, the figure of merit decreased to a minimum at about 20% BN, and then steadily increased with increasing amounts of BN. A similar curve was found when the figures of merit were calculated using strength thermal expansion and Young's modulus data, except that the minimum was at about 25% BN.