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Altered growth factor requirements and cell cycle control in rat hepatoma cells versus adult rat hepatocytes in culture

: Paul, D.; Piasecki, A.; Baisch, H.; Begemann, M.

European journal of cell biology 46 (1988), S.270-274
ISSN: 0171-9335
Fraunhofer ITA ( ITEM) ()
cell cycle control; growth factor; hepatocyte; hepatoma cell; rat

Adult rat hepatocytes multiply in primary cultures when incubated in arginine-free MX-83 medium supplemented with dialyzed fetal calf serum, insulin, glucagon, hydrocortisone, epidermal growth factor, and transferrin. In the absence of mitogens, the fraction of the cells engaged in DNA synthesis dropped sharply. However, cells initiated DNA synthesis in response to the mitogenic mixture indicating that hepatocyte proliferation is controlled by G...S transition rates. In contrast, rat hepatoma line DTH-3 derived from Morris 7777 "minimal deviation" hepatoma, required only insulin for proliferation in chemically defined MX-83 medium. The lengths of their cell cycle phases varied with the growth rate. The phases of the growth cycle were proportionately shortened (expanded) when the growth rate was increased (decreased). It is concluded that DTH-3 hepatoma cells, which display a decreased growth factor requirement as compared with adult rat hepatocytes differ from normal hepatocytes by fun damental alterations in the mechanisms controlling the progression of the cell cycle. (ITA)