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Thermal analysis of ammonium dinitramide decomposition

: Löbbecke, S.; Krause, H.; Pfeil, A.


Propellants, explosives, pyrotechnics 22 (1997), Nr.3, S.184-188
ISSN: 0340-7462
ISSN: 0721-3115
ISSN: 1521-4087
Fraunhofer ICT ()

Thermal properties and decompn. behavior of the new energetic material ammonium dinitramide (ADN) were investigated. Thermal decompn. of ADN is obsd. after complete melting at The main decompn. pathway is based on the formation of NH4NO3 and N2O followed by the thermal decompn. of NH4NO3 to N2O and H2O at higher temps. Side reactions forming NO2, NO, NH3, N2, and 02 are described and a mechanism for the acid-catalyzed decompn. of hydrogen dinitramide, dissocn. product of ADN, is proposed.