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Theoretical models for investigation of sound transmission through isolation layers in staircase systems

Theoretisches Modell zur Untersuchung der Schalluebertragung ueber elastische Lagerungen an Treppen
: Rosenhouse, G.; Ertel, H.


Applied Acoustics 16 (1983), Nr.1, S.51-66 : Abb.,Tab.,Lit.
ISSN: 0003-682X
Fraunhofer IBP ()
Körperschall; Lagerung(elastisch); Modell(theoretisch); Treppe; Übertragung

The behaviour patterns of staircase dynamic response to structure-borne sound are given through analysis of two-dimensional models. Typical models of this kind include angular discontinuities which represent the intersection line between the horizontal slabs and the stair's slope. Numerical examples illustrate the effect of elastic isolation layers on the solid-borne transmission loss between the stairs and the other parts of the building, the strong coupling between the stairs and the building caused by substitution of the elastic isolation layers by rigid sound bridges, the dependence of the dynamic response of the staircase on frequency, and the coupling between the longitudinal and flexural waves due to the aforementioned angular discontinuities of the staircase system.