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Theoretical and experimental investigations of the filamentation of high-frequency excited CO2 laser discharges

: Wester, R.; Seiwert, S.; Wagner, R.


Journal of Physics. D. Applied Physics (1991), Nr.24, S.1796
ISSN: 0022-3727
Fraunhofer ILT ()
CO2 laser; density; dielectric; discharge; electrode; filamentation; high-frequency; plasma; spatio-temporal; two-dimensional

The filamentation of high-frequency excited C0sub2 laser discharges with dielectric electrodes is investigated theoretically and experimentally. A self- consistent two-dimensional discharge model including equations for the electron density, the electric field and the neutral gas density is used to calculate the spatiotemporal development of filaments in a high- frequency discharge. The space charge field is described implicitly by the complex dielectric constant of the discharge plasma. The side-or light emission of high-frequency excited discharges is recorded, time-integrated by a camera and time- resolved by using a framing camera. Filaments develop above a critical value of the power density which depends on the pressure. The development of the filaments is partly suppressed by the dielectric electrodes.