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Textured growth and twinning in polycrystalline CVD diamond films

Texturiertes Wachstum und Zwillingsbildung in polykristallinen CVD-Diamantschichten

Journal of the Electrochemical Society 91 (1991), Nr.8, S.224-239 : Abb.,Lit.
ISSN: 0013-4651
Electrochemical Society (Meeting) <1991>
Fraunhofer IAF ()
Diamant; diamond; growth modelling; low pressure deposition; Morphologie; morphology; Niederdruckabscheidung; polycrystalline diamond; polykristalliner Diamant; Textur; texture; Wachstumsmodell

The morphology and structure of polycrystalline diamond films have been investigated for various growth conditions as a function of film thickness. Samples exhibiting pronounced (100), (110) and (111) fibre textures have been studied. It is shown that growth starts from randomly oriented nuclei with the texture developing in the course of film growth due to the competition between differently oriented grains. Growth models are discussed relating the observed textures to the relative growth rates of (100) and (111) faces and to twin formation during the nucleation stage.