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Temperature and velocity measurements in reacting flows

Temperatur- und Gasgeschwindigkeitsmessungen in reagierenden Strömungen
: Klingenberg, G.

18th International Congress on High Speed Photography and Photonics '88. Proceedings
S.1-8 : Abb.,Lit.
International Congress on High Speed Photography and Photonics <18, 1988, Xian>
Fraunhofer EMI ()
gas gun; gas velocity; Gasgeschwindigkeit; Gaskanone; simulator; Temperatur; temperature; two-phase flow; Zweiphasenströmung

A ballistic gas simulator that permits the generation of relatively clean, two-phase, reacting flows with realistic gas pressures and temperatures has been developed. This device is driven by the combustion of light gas mixtures such as hydrogen mixed with oxygen and helium. The experiments performed were aimed at the generation of well-defined, well-controlled flows beginning with reacting single-phase gas flows. The main gas parameters to be measured are pressure, temperature, and gas velocity. A novel intrusive temperature gage technique and other spectroscopic techniques were tested in two-phase flows to obtain information on the gas phase temperature. In addition, a Michelson-type laser Doppler velocimeter, devised by Smeets at the Franco-German Research Institute (ISL), was adapted so that gas velocity data could be recorded continuously with a time resolution of about 10 mys.