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Telemetry transmitter system
: Heuberger, A.; Geiselbrecht, S.; Seitzer, D.

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DE 1989-3929363 A: 19890904
DE 1989-3929363 A: 19890904
EP 1990-911737 A: 19900806
DE 3929363 A1: 19910314
EP 491712 B1: 19940119
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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A telemetry transmitter system contains a transmitter unit and a microprocessor. In order to avoid the mass storage of telemetry transmitters, the telemetry transmitter system according to the invention is designed so that the transmitter unit has a frequency control unit and an oscillator, and the microprocessor can be connected to a frequency input device which only generates a control code for the frequency control unit at permissible transmitting frequencies, the control code being storable by the microprocessor in a non-volatile memory. When the microprocessor is switched on, it reads out the control code from the non-volatile memory and sends it to the frequency control unit.