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TECIS: an information and consulting system for the decentralized waste water treatment in rural regions

: Bärmann, U.; Wittmüß, A.

Problemy oczyszczania sciekow i ochrony wod w dorzeczu odry. Streszczenia referatow na konferencje naukowo-techniczna
Polanica Zdroj, 1996
Sesja 3, 2
Aufsatz in Buch
Fraunhofer IITB, Außenstelle Prozessoptimierung (EPO); 1997
consulting system; decision support system; information system; waste water treatment

In many rural regions, there is a lack of orderly sewage disposal. Due to the high building costs of sewers, a connection to central sewage plants is usually not defensible. In this case, a decentralised sewage disposal provides a economical solution. The planner of such a disposal has to find a favourable allocation structure of sewage plants and sewers as well as a favourable wastewater treatment technology for a specific plant location. These tasks both can not be solved separately since the chosen structure considerably influences the set of admissible technologies. The Technology, information and Consulting System for Decentralised Sewage Plants (TECIS) supports the planner solving this planning problem. TECIS can be used in two modes. In the information mode the user can investigate various information concerning waste water treatment. The consulting mode gives active support for solving the planner's decision problem. From the description of the places to be disposed and the pot ential locations for the sewage plants the set of feasible structures is generated. For each structure the feasible wastewater treatment technologies are chosen from a knowledge component and rated by some objective functions determined by the user. In this way a set of alternatives for the planning problem is generated. By means of several methods the planner can choose a best alternative of sewage disposal for the given region.