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Technology Policy Evaluation in Germany

: Meyer-Krahmer, F.

International Journal of Technology Management 10 (1995), Nr.4/5/6, S.601-621
ISSN: 0267-5730
ISSN: 1741-5276
Fraunhofer ISI ()
Technologiepolitik; Forschungsprojekt; Strategie; Bewertungsmethode; Forschungspolitik; Innovation; Entscheidungshilfe; technische Entwicklung; Initiative; industrial policy; technological planning

Technology and innovation policy in germany has become one of the most important arenas for tackling economic structural change, modernizing the national economy and, increasingly, meeting challenges to society. This policy was concentrated on one stage of the innovation process, R&D. It is only recently that moves have been made in Germany to give more support to other innovation phases. As a result of this history most evaluation has centred on various forms of R&D, but analyses are increasingly extending to other aspects of research and innovation promotion. The shaping of technology policy determines the main elements of evaluations: their scope, the measuring concepts and indicators used, the methods adopted and their design. Finally this paper describes strengths and weaknesses of evaluations and the role they can play in technology policy decision-making processes.