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Technological characterization of typical joining techniques for fibre reinforced plastics -FRP-

: Pannkoke, K.; Bischoff, J.; Wulf, A.

Hogg, P.J.; Schulte, K.; Wittich, H.:
European Conference on Composites Testing and Standardisation 1994. ECCM-CTS 2. Proceedings
Cambridge: Woodhead Publishing Ltd., 1994
ISBN: 1-85573-187-8
European Conference on Composites Testing and Standardisation (ECCM-CTS) <2, 1994, Hamburg>
Fraunhofer IFAM ()
carbon fibre reinforced plastic; joining technique; mechanical testing

A simple method for testing mechanically fastened or adhensive joints will be presented in this paper. The investigations include mechanical tests of the samples under quasistatic loading. Special emphasis was given to the introduction of a partical oriented, non-ideal stess state in the overlap area which consists of bending as well as of shear components. It will be shown that a superimposition of these stresses results in reasonable reductions of the efficiency of both the rivet and the adhesive joints. At the same time the presented testing method offers the possibility for an efficient estimaton of the joining techniques and their further development. It will be shown by means of typical examples (bonding with adhesives and rivets) and their variations (adhesive/rivet joint) how it is possible to combine the advantages of both joining techniques.