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Tasks and design of robots in materials flow and goods distribution systems

: Pater, H.-G.; Schieleit, J.

Jarvis, R.A.:
19th International Symposium and Exposition on Robots '88. Proceedings
Berlin/West: Springer, 1988
ISBN: 3-540-50054-5
International Symposium and Exposition on Robots <19, 1988, Sydney>
Fraunhofer IML ()
kommissionieren; Materialfluss; mobiler Roboter; palettieren; Roboter

Companies are more and more going over to an all-encompassing view of materials flow involving the increased use of computers in order to obtain a network of individual materials flow systems (CIL). The materials flow automations used in systems of this nature must either be capable of performing an integrating role in various sections of the company or combining several fundamental logistical functions: The widespread use of robots constitutes a suitable means of meeting the stated challenge. For activites such es palletizing or order picking, both of which involve a high degree of physical strain for the worker, suitable robots have recently been developed with which automated solutions can be realized.