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Target fuer die Erzeugung gepulster Roentgen- und Extrem-UV-Strahlung (EUV), Verfahren zur Erzeugung eines solchen Targets sowie seine Verwendung

Target for generating pulsed x-ray and extreme ultraviolet radiation using pulsed laser radiation - is formed of free standing fluid film as target material.
: Lebert, R.; Neff, W.; Mager, S.; Schriever, G.

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DE 1996-19640477 A1: 19960930
DE 1997-19743311 A: 19970930
DE 19743311 A1: 19980402
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The target generates pulsed x-ray and EUV radiation using the effect of pulsed laser radiation. The target comprises a fluid film which is made of or includes target material. The film is a free standing fluid film. The fluid film is preferably arranged in a holder frame using adhesion and surface tension. Several frames may be provided in the edge of a circular disk. The thickness of the film is preferably less than 200 micrometers. The film may be made of a metallic element or a metal compound esp. of lithium, tin, iron, copper, barium or compounds of these elements. Preferably the fluid film is stiffened before the effect of the laser radiation. ADVANTAGE - Provides mass limited target avoiding danger of pollution of optical components.