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AlGaInP/GaInAs/GaAs MODFET devices - candidates for optoelectronic integrated circuits

AlGaInP/GaInAs/GaAs MODFET-Bauelemente - Kandidaten für optoelektronisch integrierte Schaltkreise
: Pletschen, W.; Bachem, K.H.; Tasker, P.J.; Winkler, K.


Materials Science and Engineering, B. Solid state materials for advanced technology 21 (1993), S.304-306
ISSN: 0921-5107
Fraunhofer IAF ()
AlGaInP/GaInAs/GaAs heterostructure; AlGaInP/GaInAs/GaAs Heterostruktur; carbon doping; chemical vapour deposition; Kohlenstoffdotierung; MOCVD; MODFET

Modulation doped field effect transistors (MODFETs) with a phigh+-GaAs gate structure were fabricated from AlGaInP/GaInAs/GaAs heterostructures for the first time. Self-aligned devices with a gate length of 0.7 mym exhibit drain currents of 330 mA mmhigh-1, transconductances of 200 mS mmhigh-1 and very small gate currents below 50 nA even at gate-source voltages of - 5 V. Furthermore, large gate-drain diode breakdown voltages in excess of 30 V are observed. Short gatelength devices (0.3 mym) show a good r.f. performance with a current gain cut-off frequency of 60 GHz and a maximum frequency of oscillation of 140 GHz.