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Systematic integration of design-for- recycling into product design

: Kriwet, A.; Zussmann, E.; Seliger, G.


International Journal of Production Economics (1995), Nr.38, S.15-22
ISSN: 0925-5273
Fraunhofer IPK ()
life-cycle; recycling consideration; recycling option

This paper presents an approach for incorporating recycling considerations into product design. The approach regards the recycling aspects of product design, different recycling processes and the product logistic support during the end-of-life stage. The concept of a recycling network is introduced which consists of the designer, consumers, recyclers and suppliers, allowing the effective exchange of information and handshaking for cooperation. Guidelines dedicated to design-for-recycling are presented to assist the designer to develop a recycling friendly product reflecting the objectives of all network partners. The approach is demonstrated by investigating current industrial product recyclability features and further improving them by applying design-for-recycling guidelines.