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System zur Einlagerung von Kraftfahrzeugen

Automatic vehicle parking system.
: Juenemann, R.; Radtke, A.

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DE 1997-19741638 A: 19970922
DE 1997-19741638 A: 19970922
DE 19741638 A1: 19990401
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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NOVELTY - A horizontally and vertically movable conveyor forms the shelf operating device (3) for servicing the parking places (1). The conveyor and parking places each have a vehicle parking area (5,6) with guides (24,27) for taking up and guiding a transport vehicle (25) which moves independently under the motor vehicle and contains integrated load pick-up means. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - The drive-in width of the guides and transport vehicle is such that the motor vehicle is set with its own drive wheels (26) outside of the guides or moving area of the transport vehicle. USE - For garages. ADVANTAGE - Allows easy movement of motor vehicles along and across with lower forces. Several such basic modules can be combined into large scale parking and vehicle store systems. DESCRIPTION OF DRAWING(S) - The drawing shows a shelf operating system. Shelf operating system 3 Parking area 5,6 Guides 24,27 Independent transport vehicle 25 Motor vehicle drive wheels 26