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The support of FhG IPA to E and M manufacturers

Die Unterhersteller
: Geißinger, J.

The Status of Semiconductor E and M in Europe. Joint et Equipment Manufacturers Initiative
Forum of European Semiconductor Equipment and Materials Manufacturers <1, 1990, Grenoble>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
cleanroom; cleanroom Handling system; Media Supply System; Medienversorgung; Medienversorgungssystem; Prüftechnik; Prüfzentrum; Reinraum; Reinraumhandhabungssystem; Reinraumtauglichkeitsuntersuchungen; Reinraumtechnik; Testcenter

The paper will give an overview about the IPA activities in the field of manufacturing in cleanrooms. A development group for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment in Germany was built in co-operation between the Fraunhofer Working Group "Integrated Circuits Development" (AIS), Erlangen, and the IPA. The AIS is responsible for process technology and the IPA is responsible for production technology. At the IPA are 5 research and development groups: - Test center for semiconductor manufacturing equipment - Information processing for semiconductor manufacturing - Media supply and removal systems - Development of cleanroom handling systems - Systems for logistics and flexible production cleanrooms.