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Studies of bloom formation using X-ray diffraction from chocolates after long-term storage

Röntgenstruktur-Untersuchung von Fettreif an langzeitgelagerten Schokoladen
: Ziegleder, G.; Cebula, D.J.

Fett. Zeitschrift für Wissenschaft und Technologie der Fette, Öle und Wachse 95 (1993), Nr.9, S.340-343
ISSN: 0931-5985
Fraunhofer ILV ( IVV) ()
bloom; chocolate; cocoa butter; crystal modification; Fettreif; Kakaobutter; Kristallform; Lagerung; Röntgenstruktur; Schokolade; storage; thermal analysis; Thermoanalyse; x-ray

This note describes experiments and results obtained using X-ray powder diffraction. Differential Scanning Calorimetry and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance techniques to study the polymorphic condition of cocoa butter in samples of chocolate which have been carefully stored for long periods of time. The results show that bloom formation is accompanied by the presence of a different polymorphic form (VI) to the bloom-free case (form V). Also evident is an enhanced resistance to polymorphic transition at a reduced temperature of storage, 18 centigrade Celsius, or the addition of a small amount of butter fat to the chocolate. Thesse effects are apparent after more than three years of storage.