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Strukturierte Beleuchtung fuer optische 3D-Messsysteme bei denen die Detektoreinrichtung und die strukturierte Beleuchtung im Aussenraum die gleiche optische Achse aufweisen

Structured lighting for optical three-dimensional measuring systems with detector unit - arranged on same optical axis and deflection of illumination beam results in outer space using mirror which has hole or part transparent surface in middle of surface.
: Hartrumpf, M.; Munser, R.

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DE 1995-19520124 A: 19950601
DE 1995-19520124 A: 19950601
DE 19520124 C2: 19980423
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The hole (2) or the part transparent surface, through which the optic of the detector can so enter or project or see through, that its optical axis coincides with that of the structured illumination. The common optical axis (6) of the structured illumination and the detector unit runs through the centre point of the mirror (1) used for the illumination provided with a hole. The deflection of the illuminating beam in the outer space results using a mirror, which is designed as the section of a cone with an elliptical or an oval generatrix, and which in the centre of the surface used for illumination, has a hole or a transparent part, through which the optic of the detector can so enter, or protrude, or be seen, that its optical axis coincides with the structural illumination. USE/ADVANTAGE - For e.g. endoscope. Min. size of illumination provided. Facilitates high measuring accuracy, provides greater opening angle for objective, gives opening angle of objective greater than 90 deg. No li ght loss by imaging.