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Structure modelling concepts in data bases

: Baumann, P.

Lehert, S.; Moeller, E.:
Data and information modelling : Proceedings of the BERKOM Workshop. Höchst-Annelsbach/Odenwald, 9.-13. July 1990
München: Oldenbourg, 1991 (GMD-Bericht 196)
ISBN: 3-486-21997-9
BERKOM Workshop <1990, Höchst, Odenwald>
Fraunhofer IGD ()
abstract data type; Conceptual Modelling; data modelling; database system; Object-Oriented Modelling

It is the common goal of all developers of semantic or object-oriented data models to find a combination of concepts which brings modelling as close as possible to human perception of "the world", be it a real or fictitious one. As a consequence of the fifferent opinions about how to achieve this, a great many models have been proposed during the past twenty years. It turns out, however, that there is a comparatively small set of basic modelling concepts from which designers of data models suit themselves to create their specific mix. We feel, therefore, that for obtaining an overview of data modelling activities in the database area it is more adequate to sort by concepts than by models. Consequently, in this contribution we give a systematic overview of the most important data structuring concepts in the database field; Abstract data types serve as our "reference model" for this classification. In addition, we show how the object-oriented approach fits into this framework.