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Structural reforms in the electric utility industry - a comparison between Germany and the USA

: Walz, R.

ENER bulletin (1995), Nr.15, S.53-71
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BRD; cogeneration; economics of public utility regulation; electric utility industry; Elektrizitätswirtschaft; Energieaufsicht; Energiepolitik; Energiepreisgestaltung; energy policy; Germany; Kraft-Wärme-Kopplung; least-cost planning; politische Ökonomie; public utility regulation; rational use of energy; rationelle Energienutzung; USA

Topic of the book is a comprehensive comparison of the electric utility industry in the U.S. and Germany. The obstacles to a rational use of electricity and cogeneration are analysed. The public utility regulation and energy policies in both countries are analysed in order to compare the actions taken to alleviate the obstacles. The differences between the U.S. and Germany are explained using a political economy approach.