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Structural development and properties of SiC-Si3N4 nano-microcomposites

: Sajgalik, P.; Dusza, J.; Hofer, P.; Warbichler, P.; Reece, M.; Boden, G.; Kozankova, J.

Journal of materials science. Letters 15 (1996), S.72-76
ISSN: 0261-8028
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The micro-nano structure of SiC-Si3N4 composite can be obtained by addition of amorphous Si-N-C powder,synthesized by pyrolysis of a mixture of polysilazanes to a starting mixture of conventional crystalline Si3N4 powder and sintering additives.The presence of SiC nano-inclusions a the grain boundaries hinders the Si3N4 grain grows, and the presence of SiC inclusions in the Si3N4 grains creates subgrain structures.The content of free carbon which is a consequense of the nonstoichiometry of the starting Si-N-C-powder, in the vicinity of the SiC-inclusions cancels the creation of subgrain stress boundaries.