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Strain measurement by means of convergent beam electron diffraction in submicron volumes

: Langer, E.; Altmann, F.; Katzer, D.; Neumann, W.

Michel, B.; Winkler, T. ; Deutscher Verband für Materialforschung und -prüfung e.V. -DVM-, Berlin:
Micro Materials. Micro Mat '97. Proceedings : April 16 - 18, 1997, Berlin, Germany
Berlin: DVM, 1997
ISBN: 3-932434-05-6
Micro Materials (Micro Mat) <2, 1997, Berlin>
Fraunhofer IWM ()

The quantitative determination of lattice strain in submicron volumes is in focus of interest, e.g. in microelectronic devices, where lattice strain due to lattice mismatch as well as process-induced effects strongly influence the reliability of devices. In the present work, convergent beam electron diffracion (CBED) is used to determine the lattice strains by means of transmission electron microscopy (TEM). The CBED technique is applied to determine the lattice parameter changes in GaAs as a function of specimen temperature. The strain field in a sillicon sample subjected to residual stress is deduced from CBED pattern.