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Steel-tungsten heavy-metal alloy composites fabricated by sawging

: Schrader, H.; Kunze, H.-D.

Kaysser, W.A.:
Horizons of powder metallurgy. Proceedings of the 1986 Powder Metallurgy Conference and Exhibition P/M '86
Freiburg/Brsg.: Schmid, 1986
International Powder Metallurgy Conference <1986, Düsseldorf>
Fraunhofer IFAM ()

By means of swaging it is possible to produce composites of steel (as coats) and heavy-metal alloys (as rods). In case of cold forming processes, there are strain hardening effects within both materials. In opposite to the steel the heavy-metal alloy may be characterized by a dramatic loss in ductility. Heat treatment processes lead to revocery and recrystallisation of the heavy-metal alloy which concerns the tungsten particles as well as the matrix material, but there is no chance to create a material similar to the delivery condition.