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Stationaere Einrichtung zur Abschattung des direkten Sonnenlichts bei Verglasungen

Direction selective reflection apparatus for shading direct sunlight for window - has light structure with transparent medium to deflect direct and diffuse light from defined sky region by total reflection to zone smaller than light entry zone.
: Goetzberger, A.

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DE 1996-19613222 A: 19960402
DE 1996-19613222 A: 19960402
EP 1997-104816 A: 19970321
DE 19613222 A1: 19971009
EP 800035 B1: 20020619
EP 800035 B1: 20020619
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The apparatus includes a light concentrating structure with a transparent medium which deflects direct and diffuse light. The light emanates from a defined region of the sky, e.g. southern direction, by total reflection to a zone considerably smaller than the light entry zone. The zone is wholly or partially mirrored and the light which is not totally reflected is used to illuminate a room behind the glazed aperture. ADVANTAGE - Shades from direct sunlight whilst maintaining transparency for diffuse daylight.