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Starterkulturen für die Umwelttechnik. Mischkulturfermentation und -trocknung

Starter cultures for environmental applications. Fermentation an drying of mixed cultures
: Huber, S.; Menner, M.

Bioforum 18 (1995), Nr.7/8, S.246-251
ISSN: 0904-0079
ISSN: 0940-0079
Fraunhofer ILV ( IVV) ()
activity; Aktivität; drying; microorganism; Mikroorganismus; Mischkultur Fermentation; mixed culture fermentation; starter culture; Starterkultur; Trocknung

Successful applications of preserved starter cultures in environmental technology require the utilization of mixed cultures. However, separated cultivation and preservation of the single components of a mixed culture are labour- and cost-intensive. This paper deales with the simultaneous fermentation and preservation of a model system consisting of P. putida and E. coli. The results show that each strain grows affected by the other. Whereas the specific growth rate of P. putida in mono- and mixed culture fermentation is the same, the specific growth rate of E. coli decreases to some extent due to non optimal conditions in the mixed culture fermentation. The mixed culture fermentation can be applied when the substrate requirements, the specific maximum growth rate and growth conditions of the different strains do not differ significantly.