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Sputterquelle mit einer linearen Hohlkatode zum reaktiven Beschichten von Substraten

Sputterquelle (A1)
Sputter source
: Jung, T.

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DE 1992-4235953 A: 19921023
DE 1992-4235953 A: 19921023
DE 4235953 C2: 19980702
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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Sputter source comprising a linear hollow cathode, an anode, a suitable power supply, an inflow device for the inert gas flow and a substrate, whereby at least one linear hollow cathode (1) is provided, consisting of planar targets (2) arranged in parallel and of identical or approximately identical size, so that apertures on the substrate side and apertures on the opposite side are created to feed the inert gas and end walls (4) are provided at the apertures on the end sides (6), said end walls (4) being electrically insulated in relation to targets (2) and the anode (9).