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Voice transmission system
: Seitzer, D.; Cepl, F.; Deierling, A.; Hauer, J.

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DE 1990-4014132 A: 19900502
DE 1990-4014132 A: 19900502
EP 1991-906635 AW: 19910328
DE 4014132 A1: 19911114
EP 527141 B1: 19940914
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The invention relates to a voice transmission system having a multitude of speech stations for multi-channel transmission over one or several lines, said system having identical speech stations which are controlled by a digital control device, a microphone, a microphone amplifier, a lowpass filter designed as a switch capacitor filter, a switch modulator controlled by a second fixed square-wave mixed signal, a second bandpass filter designed as a conventional analog filter, and a third switch modulator which is controlled by a frequency-selectable third square-wave mixed signal.