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AGVS in practice - Operating costs

: Daum, M.

5th International Conference on Automated Guided Vehicle Systems '87. Proceedings
International Conference on Automated Guided Vehicle Systems <5, 1987, Tokyo>
Fraunhofer IML ()
Amortisation; Betriebskosten; fahrerloses Transportsystem; Investitionskosten; Kennwert; Kosten; Kostenarten(Berechnung); Kostenhöhe; Kostenvergleich; Kostenverrechnung; Kostenverteilung

For an evaluation as to the profitability of AGV-Systems in comparison with alternative modes of transport for the purposes of an investment decision, this paper sets out which amount of operating cost is to be expected in running an AGVS. The paper presents important key data like decision of capital spending, payback, savings, shows the assignment of the AGVS to the functional areas of an enterprise and their allocation, demonstrates the categories of cost and the cost finding and finally effects a cost comparison of the analyzed installations. (ITW)