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Spectral response of CMOS photosensors

: Kalz, A.; Budde, W.; Gottfried-Gottfried, R.

Giber, J.; Göpel, W.; Holmes, I.L.; Horvai, G.; Meixner, H.; Timar-Horvath, V. ; Budapesti Müszaki Egyetem, Eötvös Lorand Fizikai Tarsulat:
Eurosensors VII. Book of Abstracts
Budapest, 1993
Eurosensors <7, 1993, Budapest>
Fraunhofer IMS, Außenstelle Dresden ( IPMS) ()
analoge intergrierte Schaltung; CMOS-Technik; Optisches Filter; photodiode; phototransistor

We report on CMOS compatible photosensors fabricated with a standard CMOS process. Two different types of diodes, a PMOS-FET and a vertical pnp bipolar transistor were investigated. Absolute sensivities in a spectral range from 400 nm to 900 nm wavelength were compared. Furthermore, the behaviour of a sensor system consisting of a diode, an integrated logarithmic amplifier and a temperature compensation will be reported. By use of an external optical filter a photometric sensor behaviour is measured down to 20 mlx intensity for a sensitive area of 0.34 qmm. This filter is replaced by a deposited thin film stack, working as an integrated interference filter. Fabrication process and experimental results hereon will be presented.