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Spectral response measurements with a high flux Fourier spectrometer.

Messungen der spektralen Empfindlichkeit mit einem lichtstarken Fourierspektrometer
: Hennies, M.; Zastrow, A.

International Measurement Confederation -IMEKO-, Budapest:
Photonic Measurements. Photon-Detectors. Proceedings
Budapest, 1987
ISBN: 963-592-752-5
International Symposium of the Technical Committee on Photonic Measurements <13, 1987, Braunschweig>
Fraunhofer ISE ()
Fourier spectrometry; Fourierspektrometrie; photovoltaics; Photovoltaik; solar cells; Solarzelle; spectral response; spektrale Empfindlichkeit

A new method of solar cell spectral response measurement, having some advantages in comparison to conventional methods using monochromators, is presented. A Fourier spectrometer is in development with the purpose of measuring the spectral response of solar cells. It thus differs from commercially available spectrometer in the following features: - appropriate spectral range (350 nm to 1250 nm) - high flux - solar cell as detector. Both the optical and electronic aspects of the design are briefly described. The use of a Fourier spectrometer results in two main advantages. Because of the high flux, most measurements can be made without additional bias light. The period of measurements is about one minute with a spectral resolution of 125 cm high minus 1.