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Spannungsgesteuerter Ring-Oszillator

Voltage controlled ring oscillator - has frequency selective amplifiers with phase displacement over ring at resonant frequency of amplifiers or whole number of it and quality factor dependent on number of amplifiers.
: Wang, Z.; Thiede, A.

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DE 1997-19724088 A: 19970607
DE 1997-19724088 A: 19970607
DE 19724088 C2: 19990805
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The oscillator (1) of integrated monolithic design has several analogue amplifier units (2) connected in a ring. The individual amplifiers are frequency selective in regard to a resonance frequency. The phase displacements of the amplifiers are chosen so that the total phase displacement over the ring at the resonance frequencies of the amplifiers amounts to 3600 or a whole number multiple of that. The number of amplifiers selected corresponds to the overall quality factor for the ring oscillator. For synchronizing the oscillation signals of the ring oscillator with an external oscillation signal a summator can be connected in the ring circuit. USE - In mobile communication systems where oscillators with very narrow frequency spectrum are required. ADVANTAGE - Design of system provides high oscillator frequency and high quality factor.