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Sources of airborne CCl4. Critical remarks

: Weiß, A.


Environmental science and pollution research international : ESPR 3 (1996), Nr.2, S.112-114 : Ill., Lit.
ISSN: 0944-1344
ISSN: 1614-7499
Fraunhofer IFU; 2002 in Helmholtz-Gesellschaft integriert
airborne CCl4; C1; C2 halocarbons; CHCs; chlorinated hydrocarbon; impact; metabolism; organic xenobiotics; source; toxicity

Atmospheric mixing ratios of chlorinated C1 and C2 hydrocarbons (CHCs) were measured at the mountain Wank (GarmischPartenkirchen, Bavarian Alps) in autumn 1992. The data lead to the assumption that at least part of the observed CCl4 originates from a source different to the other CHCs measured (C2HCL3, C2Cl4, CHCl3 and CH3CCl3) . The nature of this source is discussed.